the crud

Every athlete at Auburn University will at some point have an illness during their collegiate career. To find healing they must go to clinic at 6:30 AM. Doc is a very good doctor; he protects the athlete and is a bit conservative. I like that. Well Doc also has his quirks. One thing you will discover is that every illness is called “the crud.” Literally… spring break crud, dorm crud, beach crud, winter crud, throat crud. I am currently incubating the throat crud. I had my first sore throat about a week ago, but it mostly cleared up before coming back with a vengeance Sunday. The throat crud does not include symptoms of fever or coughing, only an incredibly sore throat. (Though I was choking up gross bloody crap from my throat.) I have a Z-pack and tylenol and a day or two hibernation prescription to heal the crud.

In other news the NCAA Soccer selection show is tonight at 7:00 PM on ESPN News. Check it.