pet grooming

I have a cat named Pepper. She lives with my parents because 1. I have no permanent home, 2. I can’t afford to take care of her, 3. she loves my daddy too much to part with Him… wait reversal, even though he threatens to toss her once I have a place her He really couldn’t be without her.

She is the best cat ever. Even people who do not like cats love her, really. She loves people, but not in an annoying way where she bothers guests and those who would initially claim to not like cats. She just likes company and wants to be around someone. When my dad gets home she is waiting on the top step for him to come in. Then she proceeds to follow him around while he changes clothes, puts his stuff away, gets a snack, and heads to the den or computer to relax. She is so cute.

Well, the only thing about Pepper that I do not completely adore is that she has long hair. And it isnt normal cat fur. It is crinkly and has several different textures (one of the reason’s my dad thinks she is part wild animal like a racoon or bobcat or something). One of her nick names is Fuzzy because of the weird look she has (fleabag is my dad’s favorite name for her *disclaimer* she doesn’t have fleas). The fur is very unusual, but pretty (I call her pretty kitty, cause I am nice to the sweet thing) and has very nice colorings. The long fur is one reason why my mother does not like her. The fur goes everywhere and she sheds ALL the time! It really is gross, grosser than a litter box. Mom also doesn’t like my kitty because Pepper enjoying crawling up on her and getting some love. Mom would rather not receive affection from a cat.

Fur.. ok got it. Sorry I tend to ramble a bit. Pepper got a haircut this week. Her fur had gotten tangled in several places and she would not let anyone brush her or pet her because it hurt her 😦 Needless to say she is not very fearsome with her “Lion Cut.” Poor thing looks so goofy I just pet her out of pity. The grooming has grown on me though since she now allows us to pet her and looks more like a regular kitty.

I hope everyone can enjoy a pet this week, even if its someone else’s (many times thats the best!).

Pepper as a kitten. She already had unusual fur.

Pepper as a kitten. She already had unusual fur.

She likes to sleep inside things. This is her in my dad's small duffle bag.

She likes to sleep inside things. This is her in my dad's small duffel bag.