Are you ready to run with the Red Stars?

The Chicago Red Stars slogan for the year is

“Are you ready to run with the Red Stars?”

Well, are you? How can you know if you are ready unless you know who we are and what we go? So here goes a look into what its like to run with the red stars.

Day 1. For this new Red Star my first day consisted of a 11 hour drive to the great city of Chicago. Now while I LOVE road-trips, they are more fun when you have people with you and are on vacation. Some enjoyable moments for me… KFC in Kentucky (well almost, I thought I was in Kentucky, but actually the last town in Tennessee. oops, good try?), wondering at the windmills in Indiana, lots of great me time with my ipod, and of course that Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard I stopped for when I needed a pick me up!

Day 2. Being excited and slightly nervous about joining the team (for those of you that don’t know me I am more of a quiet person that takes a bit to warm up to my wonderful extroverted self) I woke up super early [5:15 AM] and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I headed to my Dr’s appointment for an entrance physical to get cleared to play. Thankfully since I was way early the World Cup was on in the waiting room. ++interruption, I love soccer. And done++ Both docs cleared me, and after watching the last 15 min of practice the trainer cleared me to play.

Meeting the team was great… except we have a few jokers on the team. Jess tried to pass herself off as Anita. Little bugger. But since the girls had already helped me with names I called her out! Yes ma’am!! Anyway, Kelsey took me in and invited me to hang at the home front since I was currently residing in a hotel. Great afternoon of food, fun, soccer, and family dinner!!

Day 3. First Practice! My first practice with the team was also my first day at Toyota Park. What an amazing arena to compete it. We were on the practice field and I got my first chance to play with the team. It all seemed like a blur trying to remember everyone’s name, learn the new coaching styles, and make some saves!

Day 4-6. With the team on the road I had a little time to explore my new city! I coached at a Red Stars camp in Indiana and had a great time with the campers even though we were run indoors due to a massive thunderstorm! Through FCA I’ve met lots of awesome people… and had the fortune to get introduced to new friends in Chicago!! My new friend Jess took me to a Church near me and helped me meet several people I now call friends. With the new friends comes new activities… my church friends play Ultimate Frisbee in Lincoln Park on Mondays and have dinner afterwards. All my explorations of the city were so much fun!

A week in the life of a Red Star! Hope you enjoyed the run!