contractually excluded activities…

As per a previous post ( I shared about my initiation into the joys of adventures, not that I was that dull before, but still I reached a whole new level. However as per the previous post many of these fun activities are prohibited. To help encourage me to put off my adventures I am making a wish list  of the fun stuff I can’t wait to do (in no particular order)… this is the best kind of wish list ever. Feel free to comment or give me better ideas 😉

*contractually excluded activities*

sky diving

hiking the grand canyon

backpack through Europe

white water raft (never been, hard to believe huh)

hike and camp in big sur

spend time in the Napa Valley Region

snowboard near Tahoe

own a vacation home (I’m torn between lake house or mountain home… votes?)

go to the world cup/olympics

visit New Zealand

visit all 50 states

Alaskan Cruise

climb Half Dome

go rock climbing

visit the Amazon

vacation in Costa Rica

have Irish coffee in Ireland

eat authentic New York pizza and the better Chicago deep dish in the same

have Turkish coffee in Turkey

I know there are more, don’t you worry I’ll update it.

Also, coming soon a list of “other life goals.”


To whom it may concern including FCGP people, other soccer people, parents, and friends who might wish to yell at me or join me, the majority of these excellently worthy activities will be pursued at times where they will not affect my soccer playing abilities (ie not during season or within the number of months that a worst-case-scenario injury would require to heal from said activity).


Some of these activities are not excluded contractually,

but they are fun and therefore made it onto the super fun list.

top five places I love in Auburn

Everyone has top ten lists, but for me today it is about the five things this team, university, city that gave me 5 going on 6 great years.

1. Toomer’s Coffee – I have spent more time here than anyplace else except the soccer field. If I could I would live here. The atmosphere, comfy couches, and not to mention amazing coffee is the ideal spot for a chill evening or lengthy study session.  My favorite drink is the Chocolate Turtle, medium of course; or for a simple cup o’ joe try the Southern Pecan flavored coffee. See for more info!

2. Auburn Soccer Complex – This was my home for the last five years. There is nothing like watching a sunset over the field while the brilliant vivid colors fade into the evening sky that was painted just for you and me to see. Or watching the stars on a clear night. Still, most of my memories are of Friday nights or Sunday afternoons competing for a championship. So many memories that I will cherish forever, like my favorite family photo when all my brothers came down for a game with my parents. I mean how often do you get three ALABAMA fans into orange and blue?

I couldn't find the pic of my whole family. These were all our schools at the time of the picture. They all ended up being at Alabama.

I couldn't find the pic of my whole family. These were all our schools at the time of the picture. They all ended up being at Alabama.

3. Town Creek Park – a small little place my friend found one day searching for a place to relax and listen to music or maybe read a little of the good ol’ book. There are several park benches, picnic tables, and swings scattered about. It doesn’t look like much when you drive up, but walk back on either of two paths into the woods for a nice wide pathway to walk, run, or bike on. The path leads around a small pond filled with fish turtles and the occasional fowl, which is typically a duck and goose playing together. The path does wind through the woods and back out to a Tree Walk with various foliage labeled for your educational value. For the more active, there is an open field for frisbee, softball, or a nice game of fetch with your pup.

4. Chewacla State Park – I love camping… especially the kind where you get to drive up and unload all the goodies from your friend’s SUV. I do like to pack in, but then you can’t carry the chips, hotdogs, mustard, salsa, chocolate, gram crackers, marshmallows, chairs, guitar, air mattresses, and pillows. Camping trips, hiking, bouldering, playing in waterfalls, and swimming in the lake were all awesome, but the people make the experiences what they were.

*DISCLAIMER*  Playing on rocks is not advised for anyone with elidgabilty left*

*DISCLAIMER* Playing on rocks is not advised for anyone with eligibility left*

5. Tuskegee – Again the camping trips here could never be outdone. With good friends, FCA, or just a quick trip to climb the firetower after midnight on a Wednesday before a major test.