Home Opener

It has been a long few months since I’ve last updated the world on how the Beat are progressing. Many of you may have followed the first 4 games of the season. Well… all I can say is a new day begins Sunday with the Beat home opener. If you can’t make it to Kennesaw GA this Sunday around 7:00 pm then I would suggest tuning in to Fox Soccer for the debut of the new stadium and some quality soccer. If you do plan to get to the game, please pre order tickets we anticipate being sold out by game day!! See you all Sunday… Go Beat!

Pre-season Update

I know I said I would update soon, but my teammate has an awesome post on preseason. Please check it out!



As probably very few of you noticed, I have taken a short break from blogging the last few weeks. My time was occupied with training and lots and lots of driving. To fill you in… I did get my National D license for coaching, yay! And spent lots of time with my Aunt in Atlanta. And then proceeded to crash Auburn practices for a month. It was great to see all my buddies that are still there and say bye to peeps. I really missed my small group, those girls rock!

Well last weekend after packing up my car the maximum load allowed, (and giving my mom like 5 hugs cause she already started missing me) I headed off to the big city. Preseason practices started Monday night, and have continued on. I am a little tired. We are going to be a very fit team needless to say.  Well thats all for now folks… Tune in again later!! More to come on preseason and training and the team!!

new pics

Seriously gang, check out the new pics of the stadium http://www.womensprosoccer.com/atlanta/photos/Events/2010/stadium-sept-dec.aspx . Like for real this place is going to be AWESOME!!! I can’t wait, only a few more weeks!! Go Beat!!

post draft and FAN CLUB SHIRTS!!

Fan Club Shirts are now available!

From the “fan club”: The 2010 Whitworth fan shirt design is complete! All we are waiting on is to find out her number and then we can start printing. Price for the shirts (including S/H) will be $15. Front design is below. You can submit your order to scanatsey@gmail.com

So join up, grab a shirt, and come to some games!!

Post Draft Breakdown:

How do you guys think we did??

I think we had a stellar first pick of the draft. Tobin is the most talented player coming into the league this year and I am SUPER excited to get to play with her! And she is an amazing person off the field. We also snapped up some southern talent with a few sprinkles on top: Blakely Mattern (University South Carolina), Shaneka and Shameka Gordon (West Florida), Carrie Patterson (UGA), Kasey Langdon (Oklahoma St.), Jill Hutchinson (Wake Forest).

It is turning into a fast team, a young team, a dynamic team. Several hidden gems that critics will not see, but August will be the true telling of how we did this weekend. Now for pre-season… I need to get a run in… Hope it stops raining!

1/1 Tobin Heath, M, North Carolina
3/21 Blakely Mattern, D, South Carolina
3/23 Shameka Gordon, D/M, West Florida
4/30 Jill Hutchinson, F, Wake Forest
5/39 Mallori Lofton-Malachi, G, South Florida (traded to Philadelphia for 5/40 Carrie Patterson, F, Georgia)
6/48 Kasey Langdon, F, Oklahoma State
7/57 Shaneka Gordon, M/F, West Florida (Shameka’s twin sister)

draft watch…

Friday (2 days from now) is the WPS draft. Being such a huge event in my life last year, I know where all the college seniors are sitting. I had the opportunity to actually attend the draft. Such an awesome experience. I almost didn’t dare to dream that I would get the chance to play professionally, much less be drafted to a team. Many of the girls waiting to hear have completed college careers, attended combines, trained, ran, and spent their hopes on the next few days waiting for that invited to attain their dreams.

I flew off to San Jose, California to play professional soccer for the summer. Loved every minute. I played 4 games. Had some success. Learned a lot. Trained a lot. Worked a lot. Made friends. Did life.

I flew home for my last semester of graduate school (yay diploma). Trained some. Rested some. Visited the family some. Studied some. Traveled some. Saw old friends. Did life.

I was traded to the new franchise in Atlanta, Georgia. Leaving a place and people I love and heading to a place and people I will love is an odd thing, but exciting all the same.

Now looking towards this season with all that I’ve learned, seen, and experienced in the last year. I cannot wait to get with the team being assembled. Dang, we’ve got talent, experience, athleticism. It will be a fun year… hopefully one with a championship.

Everyone check the draft out Friday. On twitter @womensprosoccer and probably elsewhere… womensprosoccer.com

Anyone have thoughts on potential picks? The Beat have the first overall pick! Who is the best? What do we need? A midfielder? Forward? Defender? Can’t wait… the anticipation is killing me! 🙂

First Women’s Soccer Specific Staduim in the World

Whooo hoooo! Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I hope that the holidays were wonderful for all and that no one got trampled in the post Thanksgiving shopping. I for one did not shop. I enjoyed rivalry week in college football and ate tons of great food (thanks family!!). I will try to do a better job updating the blog, so tune in next week for my Christmas list which you can all use to help me celebrate the day of Jesus’s birth. Just kidding, but really I will post more. Lately the holidays and my last coursework for graduate school has kept me busy. Oh! I finished my last class EVER today for my Master’s of Heath Promotion. Only turning in one more paper and that Diploma is mine!!

To keep everyone informed of my soccer life, the Beat announced the plans for the first Women’s Soccer Specific Staduim in the world. It is going to be pretty sick awesome. You can check for more details at http://www.womensprosoccer.com/atlanta and get season tickets at  http://www.womensprosoccer.com/Home/atlanta/contact/season-seats.aspx .

I am pretty excited to play in this venue.  What our owners and staff are putting together will be a top notch entertainment experience. I hope they let the fans see more of the process because it really is a great place. With the ability to host concerts, national team games, international competitions, and NCAA competitions this is the place to be. And its going to be BRAND spankin NEW! You guys excited too!?