soccer – love my job

The beautiful game

No other sport, game, or competition is so widely watched, adored, loved, or played around the world. It is a beautiful game. How many people do you know that if given a small round ball of leather can whip it between three defenders and a diving goalkeeper using just their feet? Probably not too many. Most coordination is not specialized in a person’s feet. I personally can trip both up and down stairs at the same time… yes its a talent. Anyway, I love soccer.

I was blessed to have three brothers and parents up to the challenge. We all played youth soccer, my dad coaching all of us at various stages, my mom watching, watching, supporting, and driving us to games. It all started at the age of four. I played on a youth team with boys and girls a few years older than me… they quickly learned they wanted to be on my team because I tended to have the ability to inflict pain on the kids on the other team. Does anyone else think of baby goats any time you say the word kid? This ability continued on in my career as I accidently broke a teammate’s ankle when I called for the  ball and he didn’t move out of my way quick enough. Needless to say the other team didn’t get near me the rest of that game. Well thats enough for now… and don’t worry I have plenty of stories.

I played my college career at God’s great university on the plains… AUBURN. War Eagle!! I loved my time there in school, soccer, and life. I became a true goalkeeper under the tutelage of Karen Hoppa. Learned a little in the classroom. And I dug into what it really means to know Christ. It was quite a season of life. I completed 2 degrees in my time at Auburn in psychology and health promotion.

While my youthful professional sports dreams died in high school when the WUSA folded, I never realized the opportunity I’d have to play in the WPS. At the end of my college career I was invited to the WPS combine and try my skills before the new coaches of the Women’s Professional Soccer league. God somehow convinced a few of those coaches to look on me with favor. My first season in the WPS was incredible. I got to train with excellent coaches and great teammates in the Bay Area. I got to site see all the time because of my wonderful friends and family that were visiting every weekend. And I met some incredible people that are still friends today.

After finishing my Master’s degree in the offseason, I was traded to the new Atlanta franchise. The rocky situation in St. Louis landed a bunch of new players in town and I got the opportunity to have a change in scenery with the Chicago Red Stars. I moved up, settled in, and am loving the team, environment, and awesome city. Never would’ve though that my journey would look how it is, but I know that there is a reason for all these changes, there is a purpose in my life, and my God will lead me.

… but even if He does not (Danial 3:17-18)… still will I praise Him. Because the times are His and the glory is to His name because of His love and faithfulness.

After the fall of the Chicago and Bay Area franchises the WPS is looking slimmer, leaner and hungry to prove itself. I’m still looking for a new team. Waiting…

Tune in to the blog regularly for news and stories from my soccer, my experiences, and my life.

2 Responses to soccer – love my job

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  2. Erin says:

    I play soccer at Biola University… I’ve been playing for a team in the w-league in the western conference. And I really want to play in the WPS. I admire your faith, and I too want to use what talents God has given me to share with others! Any tips you got for me?

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