dreaming in different time zones

Without dreams what is there to live for? My life ambitions are restricted to no less than 15 wacky ideas on any given day. Some steady visions include opening and owning my own coffee shop some day, traveling all over the world, snowboarding in the Alps, hiking in the Amazon, backpacking throught the Rockies, writing a book, playing in the Olympics, and living on a lake or in the mountians. These seem all well and good, and many people probably have even more ambitious ones, but dreams are not all there is to life for.

Most of my dreams I forget. Last night it had something to do with my shoes that I left on the back porch to dry out… well, I think it did, but I am not prefectly sure. This guy named Daniel I read about dreamed about a man with 10 heads becoming a world power taking over the earth. I vividly remember a dream about a snake slithering out of my fish tank around my kitchen along the edges of the floorboards in the living room entangling its body in the legs of the chairs before creaping into my bedroom in the dead of night. That still gives me chills. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, a dream that today is coming true.

I plan to do all my dreams someday, to be able to live out these experiences that will bring me awe and joy and make me feel alive. But none of these things will satisfy me or my thirst for adventure. There is only One that can fill me with what I truely desire. I believe that Jesus Christ is the answer to every longing heart. Have you ever felt that there is more than just making yourself happy, enjoying some fleeting pleasure that quickly becomes a fading memory? There is One that can be everything you have ever wanted. Regardless of what you believe, I hope you seek until you find nothing else, seek this world and see if there is anything else that truely satisfies.

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