new year transformations

Time to resolve to do something. Does anyone else love that we create a time of year to decide to do something new/productive/healthy that we have no intention of following through with?

Re-solve – 1. to come to a definite or earnest decision about, determine; 2. to deal with conclusively, settle solve; 3. to convert or transform by any process

Resolve is an awesome word. I especially love that last definition… to convert or transform by any process. I have a lot in my life that needs changing. I believe we need to always grow… have personal growth in many areas of life. The last few weeks have been eye opening to see where I thought I was and where I need to be. It is amazing how easily, subtly pride and selfishness creep into life and put their talons into all the areas I think I am doing ok in. What do I want to transform this year?

My top 3 New Year Transformations

1. Do 5 pull ups – While this may seem like low hanging fruit, I am AWFUL at pull ups. I am fairly strong; I life weights; I’m a goalkeeper and I like climbing. But I was not made for pull ups. Maybe it has something to do with breaking my shoulder in college… that didn’t help I am sure. But I want to work up to being able to do 5 pull ups. It will take me all year, and it will be a transformation.

2. Not run a marathon – I have several friends that enjoy running (being a goalkeeper you KNOW that’s not where I find pleasure). I am not one of them. One good friend finally decided to scratch the marathon off the bucket list. Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to be there to pull her dilapidated body off the group and help recuperate her back to life. I think I will be able to achieve this “transformation.”

3. Pride – No, this transformation is not to become more prideful, but to become less. Now I have tried to “fix” this on my own… totally doesn’t work like that for me. I need some help from God to transform me into the way Jesus was. I mean Jesus defeated this annoying bugger… Smacked it around really. But my goal is to submit my nasty tendency to fight and claw for my own selfish desires that come at the expense of those around me that I love. There may be some progress on this transformation, but its going to be a lifelong battle.

Well, see none of those were completely typical. I didn’t resolved to lose weight, whiten my teeth, or give up smoking. (For the record I do not smoke and think its a nasty, unhealthy, expensive habit that costs our government millions every year in tax money that could be allocated to things such as soccer fields, sports, and education.) There may be more Transformations posted in the next few days. Come back for more! What are you resolving to transform?

2010 in review

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Whitworths in Pro Sports!

My cousin Andrew is a stud! Check the latest from the Bengals…

springtime is in the air ++old post I never published++

Spring is in the air. Love is in the air. The pollen is mostly out of the air. Its that time of year to head to soccer games and enjoy a beautiful evening. It is also that time of year to go to weddings and celebrate with loved ones. It is SO much FUN to celebrate new love or newly committed love. This week our team got to have the joy of congratulating a newly engaged teammate!!

This last weekend the league had a break from games for international friendlies (for the rest of us it was to recover, relax, and recoup; for some of us it was to get ENGAGED!!). The USA beat Germany 4-0. Inter defeated Bayern in the Champions League Final. I was disappointed it wasn’t a more attractive game, but such is the game of football.

For the rest of us the off weekend was vacation, home, family, boyfriends, beach, and/or rest. I enjoyed being home with my family. My parents shared all their pictures from an Alaskan cruise they just returned from; my brothers and I messed around watching soccer and picking on the guitar. My dad made a few home cooked meals that no restaurant could ever match. yummm… and I have eaten leftovers all week back in the ATL. Several girls headed home as I did, but some stayed to explore our new state. Georgia has plenty of treasures, one being Savannah. It is supposed to be quite beautiful (I will confirm my first chance). Other fun things in Atlanta are the Aquarium, the Botanical Gardens, Stone Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta Rocks (indoor rock climbing!!), the World of Coke, all the restaurants and cafés in Midtown and Buckhead. We want our fans to enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend right!

First Women’s Soccer Specific Staduim in the World

Whooo hoooo! Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I hope that the holidays were wonderful for all and that no one got trampled in the post Thanksgiving shopping. I for one did not shop. I enjoyed rivalry week in college football and ate tons of great food (thanks family!!). I will try to do a better job updating the blog, so tune in next week for my Christmas list which you can all use to help me celebrate the day of Jesus’s birth. Just kidding, but really I will post more. Lately the holidays and my last coursework for graduate school has kept me busy. Oh! I finished my last class EVER today for my Master’s of Heath Promotion. Only turning in one more paper and that Diploma is mine!!

To keep everyone informed of my soccer life, the Beat announced the plans for the first Women’s Soccer Specific Staduim in the world. It is going to be pretty sick awesome. You can check for more details at and get season tickets at .

I am pretty excited to play in this venue.  What our owners and staff are putting together will be a top notch entertainment experience. I hope they let the fans see more of the process because it really is a great place. With the ability to host concerts, national team games, international competitions, and NCAA competitions this is the place to be. And its going to be BRAND spankin NEW! You guys excited too!?

the crud

Every athlete at Auburn University will at some point have an illness during their collegiate career. To find healing they must go to clinic at 6:30 AM. Doc is a very good doctor; he protects the athlete and is a bit conservative. I like that. Well Doc also has his quirks. One thing you will discover is that every illness is called “the crud.” Literally… spring break crud, dorm crud, beach crud, winter crud, throat crud. I am currently incubating the throat crud. I had my first sore throat about a week ago, but it mostly cleared up before coming back with a vengeance Sunday. The throat crud does not include symptoms of fever or coughing, only an incredibly sore throat. (Though I was choking up gross bloody crap from my throat.) I have a Z-pack and tylenol and a day or two hibernation prescription to heal the crud.

In other news the NCAA Soccer selection show is tonight at 7:00 PM on ESPN News. Check it.


Cincinnati Bengals have a Whitworth!

The Cincinnati Bengals are my favorite NFL team.

Why? You may ask… It is not because of the theatrics of Chad Ochocinco, the skill of Carson Palmer, or the interesting stat of having a tie in the record books. No no, its about the family bond. My cousin, Andrew Whitworth, is the starting left tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals. He played his college career in the great southeastern conference at the Louisiana State University. I am extremely proud of Andrew. He was voted by his teammates to be a team captain this year with the Bengals. While linemen rarely get praise for their performance, the coaches and team leaders repeatedly praise Andrew in the media. Because of the Bengals excellent start to the season I wanted to bring attention to another Whitworth in the ranks of professional sports. (You can see his bio and current stats here )


So Bengals fans, get your cheering on. I hope it will be a great year (we need to stay healthy!). Any fans out there give me a shout out!! Who Dey! Go Tigers!