bucket list

The well known list of “things to do before I die.” I will try to update it when I do fun stuff or think of more fun stuff to do 🙂 Feel free to give me new ideas!!


watch the sun rise and set over the ocean in the same day

snowboard in the Alps

snowboard in Colorado √ (Dec-Jan 2007)

go to a NFL game √ (October 2010, Bengals at Falcons)

Vacation with friends √ (California Dec 2007, Chicago Jan 2009, Tennessee Jan 2011) Need to do this again!!

through hike in the Rockies

through hike in the smokies

hike the AT

live in cool places √ (San Jose 2009, Atlanta 2010, Chicago 2010)

be a professional athlete  √ (soccer, 2009-?)

not run a marathon

run a class V rapid

learn to surf

backpack australia

backpack across Europe

rock climb outdoors

Alaskan cuise

Mediterranean cruise

learn another language

own a home

start a business

work in a coffee shop

become a good cook

spend time with my family!!

take a family vacations often (California summer 2009)

be an awesome Aunt (can’t wait for baby girl Whitworth this spring!!)

have a cat

visit Ireland









++work in progress++

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