springtime is in the air ++old post I never published++

Spring is in the air. Love is in the air. The pollen is mostly out of the air. Its that time of year to head to soccer games and enjoy a beautiful evening. It is also that time of year to go to weddings and celebrate with loved ones. It is SO much FUN to celebrate new love or newly committed love. This week our team got to have the joy of congratulating a newly engaged teammate!!

This last weekend the league had a break from games for international friendlies (for the rest of us it was to recover, relax, and recoup; for some of us it was to get ENGAGED!!). The USA beat Germany 4-0. Inter defeated Bayern in the Champions League Final. I was disappointed it wasn’t a more attractive game, but such is the game of football.

For the rest of us the off weekend was vacation, home, family, boyfriends, beach, and/or rest. I enjoyed being home with my family. My parents shared all their pictures from an Alaskan cruise they just returned from; my brothers and I messed around watching soccer and picking on the guitar. My dad made a few home cooked meals that no restaurant could ever match. yummm… and I have eaten leftovers all week back in the ATL. Several girls headed home as I did, but some stayed to explore our new state. Georgia has plenty of treasures, one being Savannah. It is supposed to be quite beautiful (I will confirm my first chance). Other fun things in Atlanta are the Aquarium, the Botanical Gardens, Stone Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta Rocks (indoor rock climbing!!), the World of Coke, all the restaurants and cafés in Midtown and Buckhead. We want our fans to enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend right!

Welcome to Chicago!!

Hey Blogworld!!

What is shakin?! To those of you who are not on twitter or my facebook fan page you may not have heard the news… drumroll please… I was traded to Chicago this last weekend! Unfortunately the paperwork didn’t go though in time for me to be with the team over the weekend, but I have spent the time becoming a little more familiar with my new home.  ++disclaimer No pictures to upload for now, so my excellent word choice will have to do as an adequate description++

I’ve never lived in a city before so this is quite an experience for me. No parking. No massive stores. LONG commute to practice. One grocery… 6 blocks away that you are supposed to walk to. BUT… amazing restaurants, busy night life, lots of eligible bachelors, local coffee shops, parks, active people. Did I mention the food? I am going to have to take up running or something like that to keep me from blowing up (and all you know what a statement that is for a goalkeeper). I am loving it so far, though its barely been a week. I found a church and some new friends my 2nd day in the city. Loving doing cool stuff with them already like ultimate frisbee in Lincoln park (no, I did not play. I’m not allowed). Looking forward to a beach trip this weekend maybe!

The team is amazing. Love my Red Stars. The transition for a player joining a team mid-season can be uncomfortable, but everyone here is amazing. Practices are crisp, to the point, and fun. The team is fun, and are really great people. The coaches are on point. Loving Nate the gk coach, its fun learning new things everyday. But the Red Stars have been a great change for me. As much as Atlanta was close to home and has a lot great things with the girls on the team, the stadium, the owners it was time to move on. Looking forward to this new stage. Keep following me on Twitter @whitgk or my fan page on facebook (Allison L Whitworth). Thanks for the support and I will try to update here soon!