Pre-season Update

I know I said I would update soon, but my teammate has an awesome post on preseason. Please check it out!’s_a_bit_like_birthing_a_kid…_If_you_remember_just_how_miserable_it_is,_you’d_certainly_never_do_it_again._.html

things not to eat in bed

In the last week I have awoken early each day to the sound of rumblings in my tummy. Hunger is an excellent motivator to get me out of bed. One of the many joys of preseason is burning enough calories to eat everything in front of you including the kitchen sink… it has lots of minerals 😉 Anyway, on this morning off I decided to sleep in. Originally woke up at 7:23 = not sleeping in. Forcing myself to sleep till 10 was a much better start. Deciding to splurge on breakfast (the healthy eating regimen is great, really. but I gotta have sugar sometime right?) I popped open a can of pilsbury cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. Oh the joys of bread and sugar. (I had a vitamin with breakfast to make it healthy)

Skipping ahead to the things to not eat in bed. I decided since my roommates were out to enjoy my little treat in bed. Now for all you that have eaten these little bits of heaven, you know exactly how sticky and messy they can be. Needless to say I was very happy, but attempting to be very careful. The computer in my lap did not make things easier.

So for today things not to eat in bed….

1. Cinnamon Rolls

2. Tacos

3. Fondue – seriously cheese everywhere is not a good plan.

4. ok, tired of making this list.

Post on pre-preseason to follow later. Peace and Love!


As probably very few of you noticed, I have taken a short break from blogging the last few weeks. My time was occupied with training and lots and lots of driving. To fill you in… I did get my National D license for coaching, yay! And spent lots of time with my Aunt in Atlanta. And then proceeded to crash Auburn practices for a month. It was great to see all my buddies that are still there and say bye to peeps. I really missed my small group, those girls rock!

Well last weekend after packing up my car the maximum load allowed, (and giving my mom like 5 hugs cause she already started missing me) I headed off to the big city. Preseason practices started Monday night, and have continued on. I am a little tired. We are going to be a very fit team needless to say.  Well thats all for now folks… Tune in again later!! More to come on preseason and training and the team!!