D license

Well this last weekend I spent 3 days working on getting my first coaching license. If any of you have done that you know the joys of these kinds of experiences. The D license is where any college player or semi professional player begins their coaching training. Without that experience people such as parents or high school players need to begin with the E license. The learning that most collegiate or above players gain from the D is organization and understanding the reasons why their coaches have done practices. You don’t necessarily learn more about soccer, but how to organize practices and plan your coaching points. Anyway, I have met a few people that I can coach with some in the Atlanta Area. That will be super useful.

I plan to continue up the USSF licensing track to get my A so that I can get my national goalkeeping. I personally think there needs to be more goalkeeper awareness or incorporation of keepers into regular course because most people just dont know what to do with their keeper. With one year in between each course that means my C in 2011, B in 2012, and A in 2013 IF I can stay on track. Maybe I will be working with someone who will want to pay for these for me. Needless to say many great coaching relationships and contacts can come from these courses.

I have 2 more days left in the course this weekend so if anyone wants to wish me luck, I’d appreciate it… well mostly I want it to not rain ALL weekend.

One Response to D license

  1. Taylor Green says:

    Or snow / sleet like the keeper training you did with me and a few guys through Briarwood… Thanks for your enthusiam even in the blizzardy wintry Birmingham weather. Looking forward to seeing you in some games in Atlanta. Love your shirt too!
    Taylor Green
    Pell City Panthers

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