draft watch…

Friday (2 days from now) is the WPS draft. Being such a huge event in my life last year, I know where all the college seniors are sitting. I had the opportunity to actually attend the draft. Such an awesome experience. I almost didn’t dare to dream that I would get the chance to play professionally, much less be drafted to a team. Many of the girls waiting to hear have completed college careers, attended combines, trained, ran, and spent their hopes on the next few days waiting for that invited to attain their dreams.

I flew off to San Jose, California to play professional soccer for the summer. Loved every minute. I played 4 games. Had some success. Learned a lot. Trained a lot. Worked a lot. Made friends. Did life.

I flew home for my last semester of graduate school (yay diploma). Trained some. Rested some. Visited the family some. Studied some. Traveled some. Saw old friends. Did life.

I was traded to the new franchise in Atlanta, Georgia. Leaving a place and people I love and heading to a place and people I will love is an odd thing, but exciting all the same.

Now looking towards this season with all that I’ve learned, seen, and experienced in the last year. I cannot wait to get with the team being assembled. Dang, we’ve got talent, experience, athleticism. It will be a fun year… hopefully one with a championship.

Everyone check the draft out Friday. On twitter @womensprosoccer and probably elsewhere… womensprosoccer.com

Anyone have thoughts on potential picks? The Beat have the first overall pick! Who is the best? What do we need? A midfielder? Forward? Defender? Can’t wait… the anticipation is killing me! 🙂


3 Responses to draft watch…

  1. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and go with Tobin. I think the greatest need is defense, but I don’t think we should pass on Tobin. If Shawn was smart enough to bring you on board I’m sure he’ll make the best decision for the organization. I can’t wait till the season starts. I’m really looking forward to watching the team come together and play.

  2. whitgk says:

    I like your pick… it seems that she is def one of the top vote getters… how ever we go there is no way we can go wrong with the selection out there.

  3. Josh says:

    I’d follow along, but everything I see says to follow on twitter, grr. For the twitterless we find out after these things happen…

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