been a little while…

I know its been a while since I have posted consistently. I have been swamped!! But shout out to my girls 3-1 Auburn Soccer over Tennessee!! I traveled with the team this weekend and realized how much I’d forgotten (or blocked out) about bus trips on only a few short months.

1. It is FREEZING! I did bring a blanket, sweats, and spare socks, but dang.

2. The are silly girls on the bus that like to spaz out and make noise… a lot.

3. Movies are obnoxious to sleep through even at 2 AM. I did manage to miss Uncle Buck and some other action movie, but it was difficult.

4. Some one always has a light on near you that shines in such away that you cannot avoid it.

5. I do get to spend lots of time reading and listening to music and podcasts on my sermons. YAY!!

6. I get to catch up on the movies I missed seeing over the summer.

7. Staying in really nice hotels is always fun. I like the free breakfasts. I had an omelet with tons of stuff in it.

8. Seeing friends in different cities. I am beginning to have friends spread out across the country, and it is so fun to get to have coffee with good friends.

9. Getting a win on the road makes EVERYTHING better.

10. War Eagle.

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