In the good ol’ south football is king. Everyone spends their week talking about the previous triumphs or failures and debating the outcome of the coming weekend. Friends and family become enemies on Saturday if you made the mistake of  aligning your allegiance to the wrong team. Much of the hype is propagated by ESPN and other tv personalities. All the tension that build is finally released on game day.

Many games  are televised and anticipated by the majority of fans that cannot travel and attend. This experience of being able to enjoy the game from afar is wonderful until the announcers open their mouths. Seriously, they ruin the game for me. All of them, every single one. I am no the only fan or casual observer to experience the as I like to term it “announcer effect.” As difficult as it is to watch sporting events on mute, the pain of hearing uneducated, poorly spoken, ignorant, unobservant, obnoxious, biased,  or incorrect commentary is too much to bear. My brothers’ had to endure apparently frustrating announcers this weekend while cheering their football team to a win.

Some sports tend to have worse reputations regarding their announcers or commentators. Football, soccer, and basketball tend to have poorly commentated games. It is essential in sports like cycling and track to have educated proficient people explaining to the masses the intricacies of the complicated and relatively misunderstood  competition.

Soccer is BY FAR the worst announced sport. Typically at the international level or for European games they tend to be educated and experienced, making the overall event enjoyable. In my opinion announcers like refs should not be noticed. Currently this minute I am flipping between three soccer games. Two of them are women’s college game in the SEC. I am watching them both on mute. The other game is the France/ Faroe Islands World Cup Qualifier. No muting necessary. I am pleased by the amount of soccer on TV (4 women’s collegiate games currently on, multiple men’s professional and international games weekly), but seriously isn’t technology at the point where we should be able to mute announcers but still get the game noise? Thats my request.


This is a generalization. Some announcers are fine, but please strive to be unremembered.


The ESPNU first team soccer announcers are the pretty decent.

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