woohooo! 500 views, you guys are awesome. Or my parents just check it 25 times a day. 😉 Anyways, not posting for really now because I need some beauty sleep.

CD of the week David Crowder Band ~ Church Music

Book of the week Francis Chan ~ Crazy Love

Another book of the week Mark Batterson ~ In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day

Theme of the week ~ I need more sleep.

Tune in next time for the best 10 coffee shops EVER


One Response to 500 views!!

  1. WhitJ:> says:

    When an entire independent sentence is enclosed in parentheses, the period belongs inside the parentheses. When the matter in the parentheses, even a grammatically complete sentence, is included within another sentence, the period belongs outside. Chicago Manual of Style 6.14 (You got it right!)

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