road tripping 101: the art of staying awake

I love road trips. I love driving. I love being with friends scrolling through silly music having a good time. I love being spontaneous even though I am not very good at it. I love spending time alone in my car rocking out (yes, it is very amusing; and no, you cant come watch). I really love driving at night by myself, windows down music blaring, people staring 😉

*problem* I get really drowsy

Therefore…. The art of staying awake while driving.

1. Attempt to drive to or from and event/gathering of people who will give an adrenaline rush. Should no such event be available see point numero dios (Portuguese not spanish, I spelled it right)

2. The first artificial stimulus people turn to tends to be caffeine; however, I contend that it should be one of the last choices. For me, it tends to give me a maybe 5 min jolt till I quickly fade into the deep drowsy head bob. Upon arriving at the desired location I find that the caffeine plotted to wake me only when I crawl into bed, hence this amazing post in the wee hours of the morning.

*lesson* Avoid caffeine till you have no other choice.

3. Extreme Hot – self explanatory. Drawbacks: sweat/perspiration, uncomfortable, may lead to more drowsiness for certain individuals.

4. Extreme Cold – similar to number 3, but I am less able to endure the extreme cold. If I were to have to chose between dying of cold or dying of heat, I would definitely chose heat.

5. Loud Music – I do love this one because of the fun and entertainment value, but when I get too tired I tend to block out the noise to “focus” on driving and which then counteracts the awakening effect because it drains me of energy quicker.

6. A companion – this severely cuts into the alone time and the making a fool of yourself time unless you are very secure or your friend is dorkier than you are. *drawbacks* my friends tend to sleep rather than stay up to keep me awake.

7. Windows down – The loud noise and air flow tend to awaken me quickly and rouse me for a few minutes even, but I become accustomed to the new stimulus easily and must alternate between windows up and windows down, requiring many adjustments.

8. Car dancing – my personal favorite, but only recommended when you are alone and/or it is dark and truck drivers cannot see you. Yes, they do radio ahead to other trucks to check out the weird chick in the green Volkswagon beetle beeboppin to N’SYNC. The better the music, the better the dancing, the better you stay awake.

*lesson* be prepared at all times with a road trip sing-a-long playlist.

9. Caffeine – as mentioned before, caffeine should be the last option in the choice between living and mangling your car. Ok I changed that word choice to be more G-rated because I didn’t want to give myself bad dreams.

**The best option is… (D) All of the above**

The combo method is most effective in warding off sleep while driving. I recommend the loud awesome music, caffeine, and a good friend (if it is not a you and the road kind of day and you don’t mind making a fool of yourself in front of him or her).

2 Responses to road tripping 101: the art of staying awake

  1. whitgk says:

    Yes, I am still caffeinated

  2. Alan says:

    Hey, take a wet rag, put it in a cooler with ice and wipe your face off when you get sleepy. You might want to place the rag in a baggy so the ice doesn’t stick to theh fabric. This will wake you up!

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