expansion draft

I love how the in English language words have so many different meanings. For example the word draft can describe a puff of air, a type of horse used to pull things, the art of drawing, the involuntary selection of soldiers, or the art of designing a building. But I am talking of a more familiar American pastime… the athletic draft (most used and recognized in sports such as football, baseball, or basketball).

I had the priviledge  to be drafted into the WPS (Women’s Professional Soccer)  last January and spend the ensuing season with the FC Gold Pride out of the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. Yes, it is a long name.  I had a great season getting 4 starts (1-2-1) as the backup goalkeeper to Nicole Barnhart who plays on the US National Team.

With the expansion of the league, there is an expansion draft to help the 2 new teams the Philadelphia Independence and the Atlanta Beat tap into the talent pool to fill their rosters. On September 15th, the two new teams will be able to selected unprotected players from the existing teams to be the base of their rosters. In the following days all the teams will be preparing for an International Player Draft where they will be able to select the rights foreign players on September 22nd. To add to the chaos, September 29th is the day when the rights to all current unsigned players expire, landing any player in free agency who has not resigned or come to a contract agreement.


I need an agent. Any volunteers? Please post your resume and/or qualifications in the comment section.


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